Look for this track on an upcoming Release on the C.K. Division Label!!!
Hope you enjoy!


Have you ever heard the masterpiecec ?????
If not it’s really worth your time, this is pretty epic!!!!

AS I said this is an older track I believe I produced it about three years ago, and it’s been in my computer ever sense, figured it was final time to share it, I alway liked this one. Hope you enjoy :) ALLoneLOVE


I lost my Mother 7 yrs ago and today would have been her 61st Birthday. What I’ve found is that music a huge release and vehicle for helping me understand and express what I’m feeling. This was done on the spot as a free style one mic guitar and vocals. hope you enjoy, there will be a full re-write and this recorded with a band,but this is what i feel today so i wanted to share it. Hope you enjoy :)

Been Lookin’s first release with CK Division is one of immense atmospheric presence. It drowns the soul in rich texture and brilliant melodies. All beautiful arranged together bringing a groovy, deep low end to a gorgeous, floating high. This masterpiece draws from classic roots such as jazz, funk, blues and captures the new notes of present day electronica.

Fungimental is far from Been Lookin’s break into the scene, he has been hard at work blending electronica with all note of classic musical elements for years. CK Division is delighted to bring you a gorgeous extended EP of stunning sound design and amazing production.

This track number 8 on my newest release coming out on the “CK DIVISION” Label titled
“Fungimental”… Look for it, it should be out very shortly. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this preview!! ALLoneLOVE


Joachim De Lux , was kind enough to host a remix contest and invited me to participate!
I decided to make my remix purely based off the stems, so I didn’t listen to the original until after I made this, I hope you enjoy my offering… ALLoneLOVE
If you want to participate follow this link
Stems - http://www.mediafire.com/?sn399ijn646esw4

even as they attempted not to heed the call, there ears became ever more filled with the sound… ALLoneLOVE


Design by Heather Gonis

The sound is found growing from the ground but yet all around…


Here’s a preview of a track, that is likely to be on my upcoming EP On the CK Division Label I hope you enjoy the sample :) ALLoneLOVE